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  • Mechanic drains oil from car on a lift

    Engine Oil and Filter Change

    Is your car or truck overdue for its scheduled engine oil and filter change? Typically, you should change your engine…

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  • A cross-section of an electric vehicle on a white background.

    Electric Car Service

    We specialise in EV servicing for all electric vehicles, including Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla, KIA, and more. Book your vehicle…

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  • Auto Electrical

    We are experienced diagnostic specialists providing top quality auto electrical services and products for all makes of cars. When you…

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  • Radiators

    Engine running hotter than usual? It's probably time you got your radiator checked. Servicing the North Shore, Autoland’s Radiator Services…

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  • Car battery

    Car Batteries From $140 With 36-Month Wa

      Get an Affordable Automotive Battery Today High-Quality Battery, High Performance. Getting a quality battery and installing it properly is…

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  • A close-up of a car’s tyre


    Keep your tyres in tip-top shape with our professional tyre servicing and replacement service. Make your drive a safe one.…

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  • A car having its wheels aligned

    Wheel Alignment

    Wheel alignments keep your wheels pointing in the same direction, and misaligned wheels can spell trouble. Keep your car on…

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  • A close-up of a Toyota hybrid’s engine block.

    Hybrid Car Service

    From Toyota to Mercedes-Benz, we service every hybrid under the sun. Keep your sustainable vehicle running in tip top shape…

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  • Computer Diagnostics

    Scan $75.00 An automotive scan tool (scanner) is an electronic tool used to interface with, diagnose and reprogram modules on…

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  • Nitrogen in Tyres

    Better Fuel Economy, Longer Tire Life, Enhanced Safety, a Smaller Carbon Footprint… and So Much More. Only $25.00 Replacing the…

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  • cooling-system

    Cooling System

    The cars radiator system is made up of small passages inside the engine block and head, A belt driven or…

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  • shock-absorber-replacement


    Auckland Shock Absorber Service What are shocks? Shock absorbers or ‘shocks’ assist in controlling the movement of your car’s suspension…

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