EGR & DPF Repairs & Cleaning

At Autoland North Shore, we often see issues with the modern common rail diesel vehicles. Diesel vehicles have many systems to reduce emissions. The two big ones are the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve) and the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). These two are critical components to achieve better fuel economy and performance. So, if you are experiencing a down of power, a smokey exhaust, poor fuel economy, or a rough idle, you may need a DPF or EGR valve clean. This service will improve your vehicle’s performance and save you from hefty EGR and DPF repairs.


At Autoland, we run a Motorvac cleaner through the intake system. We do this while the engine is running to ensure the complete intake is cleaned.

We remove the front pressure sensor on the DPF and run a special cleaning fluid at pressure into it while the engine is running. This process takes about an hour. After the cleaning, we do a manual regeneration. The process will fix about 85% of blocked filters as long as it isn't left too late.

Maintain your DPF and EGR valves to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Our Motorvac system has saved our customers thousands of dollars in repairs and cleaning time.

If you're looking for a North Shore mechanic to perform your DPF or EGR repairs in Auckland, think Autoland. We offer a team of expert mechanics, high-quality parts, and competitive pricing.


What our customers say

Choose Autoland for hassle-free headlight cleaning and restoration at competitive prices. We accept After Pay, Farmers Card, or Q card as some of our payment options.

Locations we service

You will find Autoland North Shore is particularly convenient if you live or work around the following areas:

Mairangi Bay, Sunnynook, Sunset North, Albany, Meadowood, Wairau Park, Rothesay Bay, Pinehill, Campbells Bay, Forest Hill, Murrays Bay, and Rosedale.


What is wrong with my EGR?

The EGR is the valve that redirects some of the exhaust gases back through the air intake system for re-burning. This, along with the PCV valve re-burning internal engine fumes and a bit of wear on the turbo, puts carbon and a very fine mist of oil through the intake system. It can cause a buildup of a sticky, sooty mess in the EGR Valve and complete intake system, which reduces airflow and jams moving parts, including the EGR. It can also jam plastic flaps and butterflies in the intake system.

Ford Rangers are particularly susceptible to carbon buildup on the intake valves. When this happens, you can hear a ticking noise at idle as the carbon buildup on the valve hits the cylinder head.

As such, it will greatly reduce performance and fuel efficiency and may cost extra dollars to repair.

What is wrong with my DPF?

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device designed to reduce emissions by removing diesel particulate matter (or soot) from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

As with any filter, the DPF requires periodic cleaning to maintain performance. The cleaning process is known as 'regeneration' or a 'burn' and is needed when the Particulate Filter capacity reaches a predetermined level.

The regeneration is performed in most diesels automatically and is self-managed by the vehicle's Engine Management System. The problem with this is that the burn on most types of diesel vehicles needs to be done while travelling at over speeds of 50kph as it generates a lot of heat. The burn can also take up to 15 minutes, and if you stop the vehicle within this time, the regeneration is cancelled. With around-town driving, this has now become a problem. The DPF is now getting even more full (BLOCKED) to the point where a burn isn't enough.

A new Diesel Particulate Filter can cost as much as $7,000.00 to replace.

Our Solution: Motorvac Cleaning System

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