Vehicle Servicing

Looking for reliable vehicle servicing on the North Shore? We’ll do it from just $239!

Regular vehicle service is extremely important as worn out car parts increase the health and safety risks of yourself, your family, and others on the road. While the materials of car parts vary from metal to plastic and rubber, all will eventually wear out and need replacing. Autoland is MTA Assured and an Autosure Authorised repairer, as well as Protecta, Janesn, and Provident, approved.

Our incredible Autoland team on the North Shore will help you stay on top of your vehicle service requirements. For just $239, we’ll give you our basic car service, oil change included. For full service, which may require a transmission service, we’ll provide you with a quote once we’ve checked your vehicle.


Know When It’s Time For a Vehicle Service

Generally, maintenance should be scheduled for every 10,000 km added to the vehicle. Scheduled maintenance usually includes replacing the oil and oil filter, spark plugs, brake pads, and cambelts. With further mileage, the water pump and other major parts are likely to need replacing to avoid failure or further damage.

Maintaining oil level is key to keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible. Oil reduces the friction, allowing the engine parts to operate smoothly. If the oil is too old, or there isn’t enough, it’ll lose its lubrication properties, eventually causing serious damage to the engine. When you notice fluid levels lowering, it’s a good time to head to your local North Shore vehicle servicing shop for a check.


What We Do

At Autoland, our services include tyre rotation and correcting the pressure. This will ensure even wear for your tyres and improve fuel efficiency, as well as assisting in flushing out the many fluids your car needs to operate. Most of these fluids are in closed systems, preventing leakage and evaporation. If these closed system fluid levels reduce, it’s crucial to talk with a professional to ensure the systems are maintained properly.

Follow our tips and give us a visit to avoid major vehicle problems and damage. This will help prevent the value of your vehicle from lowering, while costing less in repairs in the long run. Not to mention, keeping yourself and others on the road safer.


Our Locations

Our team of auto electricians and mechanics perform auto electrical car repairs in Auckland—particularly convenient for those living around the following areas:

Repair and Service Locations
Mairangi bay, Sunnynook, Sunset North, Meadowood, Wairau Park, Rothesay Bay, Pinehill, Campbells Bay, Forest Hill, Murrays Bay, and Rosedale.

No matter your car repair needs—whether you require extensive repairs to pass a WOF or just a simple fix-up—we can help you! Contact the team at Autoland today for an experienced and professional auto electrical service!


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Autoland mechanics guarantee exceptional servicing and repairs. We can fix, tune, and repair a wide range of car makes and models. Whether you need regular vehicle servicing or FAST-LANE servicing, we can provide it. Simply make a booking online or send us an email at

Talk to us about your car needs today for top-grade car servicing and the utmost care of your vehicles.

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