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Your cambelt plays a vital role in the smooth running of a car. Cambelts keep the internal components of your engine turning in a synchronised order, accelerating and decelerating every time you step on the gas

Like every other component in your car, cambelts (timing belts or timing chains) are subject to wear and tear. They’re constantly in motion when your car is on, keeping the engine’s components in line and undergoing major stress every time the car accelerates. This means they wear faster than some other parts. Even though this is a very important car component, we at Autoland often find that people aren’t getting cambelt replacements in time, leading to big issues down the road.



Why replace your cambelt?

If a cambelt breaks, it can practically destroy the engine of a car, costing you an arm and a leg to fix it (often more than the car is worth). The belts are under a lot of tension, so when they break, there’s a chance of widespread damage beneath your car’s hood. Rather than paying for repairs when it’s too late, it’s better to choose a mechanic’s two favourite words: “preventative maintenance”.


When to replace your cambelt?

“Like any other car part, cambelts wear out eventually, so it’s very good preventative maintenance to replace your cambelt.” – Nick Young, Owner of Autoland North Shore

Nick Young, the owner of Autoland, North Shore has seen a lot of cambelts break and knows how expensive it is to fix it. A typical cambelt failure repair can be between $3000-$4000. To stay ahead of the game, a cambelt generally needs to be replaced every 100,000 kms or 5 years, whichever comes first. If you’ve gone too long between replacements, you might be risking many other kinds of damage.

Some signs your cambelt is starting to give out are:

• Car won’t start
• Engine misfires
• A strange ticking noise as you drive
• Frontside oil leek


Choose Autoland for your next cambelt replacement or service!

Here at Autoland, we’re dedicated to delivering auto repairs that are in a class all their own. We use the world’s most powerful synchronous belt drive system for all cambelt replacements in Auckland—Gates belts—offering an impressive solution to any cambelt issues. For the past century, Gates has been powering progress as one of the world’s leading parts manufacturers in the automotive industry, working with virtually every Original Equipment Manufacturer worldwide to design products for new vehicles as they are being developed.

These strong relationships together with their commitment to continuous innovation enable us to offer a complete line of OE quality products for the Aftermarket. From timing belts to micro-V belts, tensioners, and hoses, you can be confident every time we sell or install Gates. Instead of charging by the hour, at Autoland North Shore we tell customers upfront what the job will cost.

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Get ahead of any potential repairs with our services for cambelt replacement in Auckland. We offer a team of expert mechanics, high-quality parts, and competitive pricing. We accept Oxi Pay, Farmers Card, or Q card as some of our payment options. You will find Autoland North Shore is particularly convenient if you live or work around the following areas: Mairangi Bay, Sunnynook, Sunset North, Meadowood, Wairau Park, Rothesay Bay, Pinehill, Campbells Bay, Forest Hill, Murrays Bay, and Rosedale.

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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is a cambelt? 

    Most car owners drive around, blissfully unaware of the fact that a cam belt plays a vital role in the smooth running of a car. Cam belts keep the internal components of your engine turning in a synchronised order. 

    Is changing a cambelt a big job?

    Cambelt changes can be labour-intensive. We have to remove engine components to access and replace the timing-belt, before testing the tension and timing is running smoothly. It's best to get this replaced by a professional mechanic to avoid potential engine problems. 

    How many km's does a cambelt last? 

    The lifespan of a cambelt varies depending on the material, engine design and the manufacturer's recommendations. In general, timing belts are designed to last anywhere between 60,000 to 150,000 kms or roughly 5 to 7 years.  

    Can you drive with a broken cambelt? 

    No. Your engine won't function without it. If it snaps while you are driving, it can cause widespread damage to other parts of your engine. 

    How much does a cambelt replacement cost?

    The price varies, depending on the labour required to replace the part and the cost of the part itself. Here at Autoland, our cambelt replacements typically start from $280. 



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