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Need brake pad replacements or repairs?

Functioning brakes are vital, so it pays to have them looked at if you suspect they are damaged or worn. Whether you’ve got disc brakes or drum brakes, our North Shore mechanics can deal with any brake or brake pad issues you may be having.

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Need new brake pads?

Looking for high-quality, state-of-the-art disc brake pads? TRW True Originals Brake Pads are innovatively designed with COTEC-coating, enhancing braking system safety. check them out to learn more.


Brakes: The Rundown of How Brakes Work

We all know that pushing down on the brake pedal brings a car to a stop. What we don’t know, however, are all the processes behind this simple movement that make it happen.

When you press down on your brake pedal, a few processes take place, first:
1. Your car transfers the force from your foot (plus a little extra) to the brakes through brake fluid.
2. The car then multiplies the force of your foot. It does this by mechanical advantage (leverage) and hydraulic force multiplication.
3. The brakes transmit the force to the tyres using friction.
4. The tyres, in turn, transmit that force to the road using friction.

Within the brake system, the disk brakes are the main part of the system that does the work and slows the car to a stop. Most modern cars have disc brakes on the front wheels and brake drums on the back wheels, although some have disc brakes on all four wheels.

The main parts of a disc brake are:
• The brake pads
• The brake calliper
• The brake rotor


Disk Brakes

The disc brake design used for cars is like the brakes on bikes. In a disc brake in your car, the brake pads squeeze the rotor instead of the wheel, and the force is hydraulic instead of being transmitted through a cable. This friction between the pads and the disc is the force that slows the disc (and wheels) down.


Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are a little more complex than disc brakes and are harder to service, but they are less expensive to manufacture—and are equally efficient at bringing your car to a stop.


We can help you with any Brake Repair or Replacement

If you’re in need of high-quality brake pad replacement and brake repair in Auckland, contact Autoland. As your local brake repairs shop in the North Shore, we cater to your needs and can repair or replace disc brakes or drum brakes alike.

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Locations We Service:

Autoland mechanics is a particularly convenient location for brake repairs on the North Shore for those who live in the following: Mairangi Bay, Sunnynook, Sunset North, Meadowood, Wairau Park, Rothesay Bay, Pinehill, Campbells Bay, Forest Hill, Murrays Bay, and Rosedale.


More information on car brakes:

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