Brake Hoses

Your car's brakes are dependent on pressure and friction, that's what makes the tyres come to a stop. When you step on the brake pedal, that pressure has to move quickly to all four wheels, fluid-filled hoses and brake lines carry out this process.

In general, brake hoses should last up to six years, but they're under a lot of pressure and since they’re responsible for such an important function (ensuring your car comes to a stop when you want it to) it's important to inspect them on a regular basis by Autoland, North Shore mechanic.

To catch potential problems before the entire brake system brakes down, you need to know if there is a leak or crack in one of the brake hoses. If there is, the loss of fluid will cause a drop in pressure (in other words, the brakes won't respond when you need them). Leaky hoses are also dangerous as brake fluid is corrosive, so drips can cause damage elsewhere in your vehicle.

Finding one faulty hose can be a sign that the whole hose network has been compromised, as they tend to wear out at a consistent rate. If your testing turns up any damage, at Autoland Northshore mechanic, we recommend replacing all hoses at once.

If you’re looking for a mechanic on the North Shore to check your brake hoses or deal with any brake or brake pad issues you might be having, get in touch with these Auckland car service specialists.

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