Car Mechanic Services

For reliable and high-quality car mechanic services in Auckland, visit Autoland! Whether we’re sorting out your general vehicle repairs, renewing your WOF, getting your car serviced, or finding out what that strange noise is, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible automotive services.

Our team of qualified auto mechanics provide top-notch service, ensuring you can drive away with peace of mind. We work on speciality vehicles as well as standard cars, offering everything from hybrid servicing to European vehicle tune-ups. If you’re not sure what kind of repairs your vehicle needs, just get in touch for a free quote!

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  • Mechanic drains oil from car on a lift

    Engine Oil and Filter Change

    Is your car or truck overdue for its scheduled engine oil and filter change? Typically, you should change your engine…

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  • A cross-section of an electric vehicle on a white background.

    Electric Car Service

    We specialise in EV servicing for all electric vehicles, including Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla, KIA, and more. Book your vehicle…

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  • Auto Electrical

    We are experienced diagnostic specialists providing top quality auto electrical services and products for all makes of cars. When you…

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  • Radiators

    Engine running hotter than usual? It's probably time you got your radiator checked. Servicing the North Shore, Autoland’s Radiator Services…

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  • Car battery

    Car Batteries From $140 With 36-Month Wa

      Get an Affordable Automotive Battery Today High-Quality Battery, High Performance. Getting a quality battery and installing it properly is…

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  • A close-up of a car’s tyre


    Keep your tyres in tip-top shape with our professional tyre servicing and replacement service. Make your drive a safe one.…

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  • A car having its wheels aligned

    Wheel Alignment

    Wheel alignments keep your wheels pointing in the same direction, and misaligned wheels can spell trouble. Keep your car on…

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  • A close-up of a Toyota hybrid’s engine block.

    Hybrid Car Service

    From Toyota to Mercedes-Benz, we service every hybrid under the sun. Keep your sustainable vehicle running in tip top shape…

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  • Computer Diagnostics

    Scan $75.00 An automotive scan tool (scanner) is an electronic tool used to interface with, diagnose and reprogram modules on…

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Searching for the best car mechanic services in Auckland? Autoland North Shore has a team of qualified mechanics ready to work on your vehicle. As an MTA-approved mechanic, we offer top-notch car repair work and servicing at affordable prices. Call us to set up a quote or book as a new or existing customer below.