Electric Car Service

For expert electric car service, trust Autoland North Shore. We specialise in EV car servicing and cater to a wide range of electric car brands, including Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, Hyundai, KIA and Honda.

If you want your electric vehicles to get the premium care they need, schedule them for servicing at Autoland North Shore! Our expert mechanics will take care of everything—from initial review, diagnosis, down to repairs! For professional and high-quality hybrid car servicing, visit us today!

Get the quality electric car servicing you need

At Autoland North Shore, we care for your electric cars as much as you do, and that’s why our expert mechanics aim to give your electric vehicles the specialised care they needs to make sure they run smoothly, safely, and efficiently on the road.

When you bring your car to use, expect a thorough scan as a standard precautionary measure. With only 20 moving parts (compared to 2000 parts on conventional petrol or diesel car) there isn’t as much to service on an EV car. However, this does not mean we perform any less for your electric vehicles.

While there are no spark plugs to replace, no gearbox or clutch to service, we take our time to check the condition of your electric motor, the alignment of tyres, and the quality of your brakes and wipers to ensure every aspect of your electric vehicle is in tip top condition.

Get peace of mind by getting your electric car serviced by the friendly team at Autoland. Visit us today! Our automotive shop is near the following areas:

  • Mairangi Bay
  • Sunnynook
  • Sunset North
  • Meadowood
  • Wairau Park
  • Rothesay Bay
  • Pinehill
  • Campbells Bay
  • Forest Hill
  • Murrays Bay
  • Rosedale

Get in contact with us now to learn more!

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