Brake Shudder

The term of ‘brake juddering’ is when the driver perceives minor to severe vibrations while pushing on the brake pedal. These can be classified into two groups hot (thermal) or cold judder.

Hot judder is usually temporary and produced as a result of longer, more moderate braking from high speed where the vehicle does not come to a complete stop (commonly between 120 km/h  to about 60 km/h). These vibrations are the result of uneven thermal distributions, or hot spots. Hot spots can produce severe vibrations, and can compromise the safety of  the person driving the vehicle.

Cold judder is a permanent condition and is the result of uneven disc wear patterns or disc thickness variation. This warping of the disc surface is usually the result of extensive vehicle road usage, simple but serious wear and tear. In the case of cold judder you’ll need to bring your vehicle in to see the team at Autoland, North Shore mechanic, to make sure your vehicle’s safety isn’t compromised.

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