Cooling System

The cars radiator system is made up of small passages inside the engine block and head, A belt driven or electric water pump to circulate the coolant, a thermostat with a belt driven water pump to control the temperature of the coolant, a radiator to cool the coolant, a radiator cap to control the pressure in the system, and some rubber hoses to transfer the coolant from the engine to radiator and also to the car's heater system.
A cooling system works by sending coolant through passages in the engine block and heads. As the coolant flows through these passages, it picks up heat from the engine. The heated fluid then makes its way through a rubber hose to the radiator in the front of the car. As it flows through the radiator, the hot liquid is cooled by the air stream through the front grill & radiator when the car is moving, or by the fan pulling the air through the radiator when stationary. Once the fluid is cooled, it returns to the engine to absorb more heat. The water pump has the job of keeping the fluid moving through this system of plumbing and hidden passages. If any one part fails it can cause the engine to over heat possibly causing major damage. At Autoland we can check your cooling system to make sure it is in top working condition.

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