Why Replace Your Cam Belts

Most car owners are blissfully unaware of the fact that a cam belt plays a vital role in the smooth running of a car. Cam belts keep the internal components of your engine turning in a synchronized order.

If a cam belt breaks, it can practically destroy the engine of a car and cost you an arm and a leg to fix it. A cam belt generally needs to be replaced every 100,000 kms or 5 years, whichever comes first.

Nick Young, the owner of Autoland, North Shore has seen a lot of cam belts break and knows how expensive it is to fix it. A typical repair as a result of a cam belt failure can be between $3000-$4000. Which is why he recommends that you get it regularly checked.

Like any other part, cam belts wear out eventually, so it's a very good preventive maintenance to replace your cam belt.

What's even more impressive is that we use Gates, the world's most powerful synchronous belt drive system, which is in a class of it's own! Check out our replacement specials.

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Why You Are Safe With Us

We would like to let you know what steps we are taking, effective immediately, to ensure the safety of you and the Autoland team when we are doing business.

We care about you as much as we care about our own team and we are committed to being ‘business as usual’ so we thought it best to set out some of the changes we are making to protect our people and you.

Find out what we are doing to keep you safe: