Auto Transmission Service


Transmission Service from $299.00

Why service your automatic transmission?

Your car’s transmission or ‘gearbox’ allows the car to operate in a range of speeds and power levels. An automatic transmission operates without a clutch, it’s able to do this thanks to a clever device called a epicyclic or planetary gearset.

To keep your transmission running smoothly, it’s necessary to regularly change the transmission fluid to remove dirt or grit that interferes with the inner gear box. If dirt or grit builds up, it could result in transmission failure which could cost you an arm and a leg to repair.

How we do it

The old way of changing transmission fluid was to drain the oil. This only changed up to 50 per cent of the transmission fluid. As regular maintenance the transmission oil should be changed on average about every 30,000kms.

At Autoland North Shore mechanics, we use a transmission machine. This is connected to the oil lines and pumps new oil into the transmission while sucking up the old oil. This results in almost 100 percent clear oil in the transmission. Some cars now have special oils in the transmission, this can also be done by the same machine.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to find out about the cost of transmission service or transmission fluid change on the North Shore, get in touch with our Auckland car service specialists. We accept Oxi Pay, Farmers card, afterpay Zip, Laybuy, Genoapay  or Q card as some of our payment options.

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